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    VU meter face

    Steve Cole

      Hi all,


      I'm wondering if any of you could shed some light on a problem I'm currently having.

      I'm trying to draw an analog VU scale on a panel meter that I'm trying to model.


      I'm trying to do this type of drawing



      I've modelled the meter itself, but am having great difficulty trying to make any progress on the scale.

      Screenshot 2017-02-17 14.34.24.png


      I have tried circular pattern, but the first 'tick' when copied across to the end of the arc just doesnt work right.


      Could any of you Solidworks Jedi's please help me out ?


      Kindest regards,


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          Paul Ronning


          I tried this and the first tick mark did not look right. I then drew a line to extend on end of the arc. I extended the arc to that line. I drew the first tick mark at the intersection of the horizontal line and the arc ( the original start of the arc). Then I did a circular pattern and it turned out looking right. I then deleted the line I extended the arc to and then trimmed the arc. It looked right then.