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    Using global variables in PMP controls

    Eric Anderson

      What control type or API coding is required to allow for input of equations or global variables into a custom PMP page box? I would like to give a macro feature I have created the flexibility to accept either a numerical value or input a global variable name into the box and pass the global variable value into the feature. This would be similar functionality to most existing SW features when entering "= VariableName" into the numberbox.

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          Viktor Bovzdarenko

          Hi Eric,

          "swControlType_Textbox" shold work well for global variables. To add a new global variable a string value is required. It will be resolved to equation by SolidWorks automatically.

          Set pm_Text = pm_Group.AddControl(TextID, swControlType_Textbox, "Text box", swControlAlign_Indent, swControlOptions_Visible + swControlOptions_Enabled, "Text box")