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    Flex problem

    Fdsfsdf Fdsfsdfd

      Hi all,

      I need to flex a model on Solidworks 2016 , and my computer becomes slowed and later crashes, can not make this operation.

      2017-02-09 (1).png

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      I don´t know if the problem is on the model (heavy file) or on my PC. I Have 16Mb Ram, I7 2600K , GeForce 530, ssd hard disk

      Can you tell me if I need buy a new Pc and what Hardware I need to make this type of operation with heavy files like the example on Solidworks very fast???

      Would it be  enough buy a Quadro  Graphic card to put on my old PC???

      Sorry for my English

      Thank you very much.

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          John Stoltzfus

          Did you try sheet metal loft

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            Fdsfsdf Fdsfsdfd

            ohh. I forgot  tell you my Solidworks version.

            2016 Premium SP 1.0  x64 edition

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              Dave Bear

              Hi Fdsfsdf Fdsfsdfd,

              I hope you don't mind me asking but I'm simply curious. Why do you have the profile name that you do "Fdsfsdf Fdsfsdfd" it just looks like a mumble jumble of letters that is usually reserved for those that wish to try and hack the forum from time to time (NOT that I am accusing you in any way!) Do the letters have any meaning?


              Meant with the kindest of regards,


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                Fdsfsdf Fdsfsdfd

                The problem is the PC  is not able to calculate the flex operation.... 5 minutes....10 minutos....15minutes.....30minutes.... later  the flex operation is not posible and the pc crashed. My doubt is if I buy a Pc with a best hardware, I will be able to make this  operations with this kind of heavy solids parts with satisfactory calculation speed.

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                    Vladimir Urazhdin

                    Flex feature requires a massive calculations and any PC will stuck with.

                    This is a sample of a belt model where sheet metal tools is involved.

                    1. Simple polyline.


                    2. Extrude from middle plane.


                    3. Cut off end tip.


                    4. Unfold and add holes.


                    5. Fold back to get the shape desired.


                    6. As a bonus flat pattern is available:

                    FLAT PATTERN.JPG

                    With Sheet Metal tools any configuration of hardware works very fast.


                    I have SW 2017 so my file is not readable for you now.

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                    Fdsfsdf Fdsfsdfd

                    Thanks Jim
                    Yes, if I remove the fillets in all of the little slots and split the big part in two parts, I can  flex the solid very slow.  The solids have been modeled on Solidworks too, but for upload to this forum, I have saved the file like parasolid x_t, to make a lighter file.


                    Please, check the original  file  I have just uploaded with the modeling operations  (Please note the operations are suppressed)  and please tell me if it is posible make a flex operation with a new PC with a best hardware. I need deform the watch strap, to make product renders on Keyshot, This is why I can not remove any part of my design.


                    Sorry for my english


                    Best regards.

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                        Jim Wilkinson

                        Are you really going to see all those tiny little fillets in a rendering? You would only see them if the rendering was of a very zoomed in area. I wonder if this type of leather is much better represented with a texture than trying to represent it with actual features.


                        I'm sorry, but I can't say whether or not this will perform better on a faster machine. It seems you are really pushing the limits on what is even technically possible. It may work on the very highest end machine, but it may not even work on such a machine and you may still need to simplify.