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    Floating Flow sim license not available.....

    Philip Lane

      We have a dedicated node for running simulations. Only 1 eng uses the Flow sim license, connects to the sim node and runs sim's. Having completed a sim and logged off the node, he cannot not pick up the license on his own workstation until rebooting.

      The License Manager showed the license not in use / available.

      Anybody seen similar?

      Thank you.

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          Alex Clarke

          I usually find that closing Solidworks on both machines and then opening again does the trick.


          Nevertheless, there is a better way of doing that, you can use the remote solver. This way, the licence will stay with the Engineer's workstation rather than being used up by the node. This will mean they can set up other simulations whilst one is running or even run simulations on multiple computers.


          The only requirement is that Solidworks (along with Flow Simulation) is installed on the node computer.


          1. Press run
          2. Select 'run at:' and then select add computer. Find the node computer on your network and add it.
          3. Select number of CPUs to use (You might want to use, say, 4 per simulation if you're running multiples)
          4. Done!


          You can do the same thing with Batch Run too.


          Hope that helps



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              Philip Lane

              Thanks for your  input alex.

              Unfortunately this is a small company with 1-2 using Flow sim, and with the remote solver being another purchase, and more of a 'farm' solution, they won't be going down that path.

              But you have confirmed that the problem is known, and although rebooting 2 or 3 times per week does get over it, it is not a long term solution.

              It is very annoying as I have just managed to get them to purchase a very high-spec node dedicated for sim work, and that may solve some problems, it raises others!

              I have put it to our VAR in the hope an SPR will be raised.


              Phil Lane.