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    Is there a way to increase the memory used by solidworks 2016?

    Joe Burdette

      I have HP Z420 64 bit with 16GB of RAM, Intel Xeon CPU E5-1620 @ 3.6GHz and NVIDIA Quadro K2000 with 2GB DDR5 dedicated to graphics tasks.

      I've used CATIA for many years and just started using Solidworks 2016 with most recent service pack and it seems like Solidworks is taking along time to complete tasks. When I monitor resources while waiting for the task to complete, it is not even close to using all of my CPU, RAM or Graphics Memory, but still takes longer than I feel like it should.


      Are there any settings internal to Solidworks that throttles the system usage?



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          Jim Steinmeyer

          You may want to check the amount of virtual memory you have available. Other than that, unfortunately, SolidWorks does not multi thread and so a multi core processor does not help the speed. There are ways of speeding up some of the tasks like opening assemblies in light weight  and doing other tricks to to  manage assemblies https://forum.solidworks.com/thread/108765 In the linked thread Alin Vargatu has many suggestions on how to improve your performance.

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            Bart Van De Vyver

            Hey Joe,


            As Jim is saying, increasing your virtual memory is an option, however it's rather limited to it's capabilities.

            SolidWorks will mostly use CPU & RAM for the most common tasks,

            In the case of simulation this is the same

            (however there are questions to use GPU to add force into it, ask your VAR so the more they get this question, they can bundle a SR to the developers)

            In the case of rendering your GPU will be adressed (not for other tasks except Realview)


            So what's left is you go and change some systems options:

            Under performance

            -Unmark "Verification on rebuild"

            -play with the Curve generation "level of detail" slicer

            -for assemblies you can set: "Auto load components in lightweight"


            Make sure your File locations are set so it doens't have to search far

            And there are a whole bunch of other settings you can try,

            I advise you to go an search on Youtube, you'll find a lot of informational vid's with good tips & tricks on this topic


            I hope you can crank up the speed to your needs.