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    How does One set or get the Rotation Axis used in an explode step via API?

    Dave Branco

      I have written a macro that automatically creates exploded views; however, since the relatively recent inclusion of rotation within explode steps it is causing issues because no rotation axis is selected.  Note the Solidworks Example.

      2016 SOLIDWORKS API Help - AddExplodeStep Method (IConfiguration)

      The Direction is selected with a mark equal to 1 and the component with a mark = 2 but I cannot figure out how to select the Rotation axis for the exploded step.  In fact, after the explode step is created, if I go to edit the step manually and try to select an explode axis the program crashes unless I first save and exit the model and then reopen it (at which time SolidWorks populated the field with the default "XYRING@ComponentName".

      You would think that if nothing is specifically passed to IAddExplodeStep for a rotation axis SolidWorks would use the default but it doesn't.  Instead it leaves it blank.


      Thanks to anyone who has a workaround on this.  I suspect I may need to put in another enhancement request.


      -Dave B