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New Macro Request

Question asked by John McCall on Dec 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2017 by John McCall

New marco Required to opened drawing of part/Assembly save the " Drawnby" text  from the drawing custom properties into the actual part/ assembly  of the same part number into the custom properties under new custom property name. 'drawingby'...  reason the part/ assemble has  used the "drawnby' field.

.. note if the drawing file Custom properties is blank then apply the 'drawnby' in the part/assembly into the 'drawingby'  field. So it has a name either way.


** Purpose** __

1. Insert and drive ownership of drawings and models..

2. Use macro to update past parts.(000's)


I hope someone feels they can help me out..

If this works on one part at a time i can run it though batchprocess2 on full machines.


If you have any question please contact me!!!!