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    Configurations won't update correctly in main assembly.

    Alfonso Cartagena

      I have an issue within my main assembly pertaining to my sub assembly configurations. I have 2 parts with 3 configurations each per assembly configuration. The boss extrude for these parts is a up to surface feature and is from post to post. In my rail assembly file, each configuration updates just fine. When I have the rail assemblies in the main assembly file the configurations do not rebuild correctly. The 2 configurations on the outside of the posts revert to the last assembly that has been edited or rebuilt in the rail assembly. How can I keep the parts from reverting to the last updated assembly? I have attached a few pictures to help explain my issue.


      In the below picture, The light blue parts drive the dark blue parts. The dark blue parts do have a move face feature and that is why they look short. This picture is in the rail assembly and is updated correctly.


      rail 1.PNG

      In the below picture, Is a rail in the main assembly that is the updated rail and works correctly.


      rail 2.PNG

      In the 2 below pictures, the parts are too long.


      rail 3.PNG

      rail 5.PNG


      in the 2 picture below the parts are too short.


      rail 4.PNG

      rail 6.PNG