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    Views dissappear in my drawing

    Rocío Rodríguez

      I'm trying to make a drawing from a part.

      My first problem is the fact that the part does not appear properly. Here an image.

      The part is a sheet metal part made with Soliworks. I have no idea on why some faces does not appear.

      In the drawing views does not appear, as you can see in the imags below. In the Property Manager you can see that I have inserted 2 views, and they are recognised when I pass my mouse over them, by they doesn't appear. I have tried to print drawing, but views are not there.

      I have already tried to reboot my solidworks, it didn't work.

      Does anybody have any idea on what can be happening?

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          JOHN GEORGE


          There may couple of reasons

          • It might be a graphic card issue (see if it is recommended by SW and proper drivers)
          • Geometry error (try a geometry analysis and see if any errors)
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              Rocío Rodríguez

              You were right, there was a geometry problem, but I can not tell why.

              I went back and forth with my the "feature bar" and I found where the problem was, it was a "cut" operation. I went to the sketch, edited the plane (deleted the face where it was I selected the same face) and it worked. It is strange because I didn't really change anything in my part, but it worked.

              Thank you.

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              Glenn Schroeder

              Try clicking on a drawing view and changing its display style (Hidden Lines Showing, Hidden Lines Removed, Shaded with Lines, etc.) to see if that will bring it back.  If it does, then switch back to the style you want.

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                Deepak Gupta

                Looks like a geometry or graphics card issue.


                On drawing, right click on view and select show. Sometime this helps.

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                  Elmar Klammer

                  Hi Rodriguez,


                  I have seen the same issue. Sheetmetal parts with faces missing. This is a big issue if you have it built into a large assembly since assembly drawing views get stuck in "draft mode" for every drawing view that references these parts in some way. You need to do a check feature search in order to find them. Moving the feature bar all the way back and down again combined with a force-rebuild can resolve the issue. Sometimes you need to revert back to a back-up copy to fix the problem. I have seen it predominately with sheetmetal parts but not exclusively. In all cases it was not graphic related. It actually was the part itself. No guaranteed fix for this issue. Happens at random for what I can tell in my line of work. Usually the parts are simple in nature.


                  That's all I can say.