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    SolidWorks does not work on second monitor

    Chris B.

      I use two monitors, a left and a right.


      SolidWorks works fine on my left monitor.  Everything works 100%.

      When I drag SolidWorks to the right monitor, creating a new file or opening a file suddenly makes it hang until I close it.


      No matter what I do, SolidWorks always works on my left monitor, and always hangs on my right monitor.


      I've tried switching monitors, switching cables, replacing the right side monitor, nothing fixes it.

      I have installed the latest approved graphics driver from SolidWorks


      I'm pretty sure it's something due to Windows 10


      Anyone else seen this behavior?

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          Solid Air

          I have a user with a similar problem except the monitors are reversed.  Are you running with one or two video cards? We haves two but for test May change back to one.   I also found out drivers must be installed as administrator which I did not do. what version of SW are you running?   We are on SW2016SP4

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            Alan Sweetenham

            One issue i know if is when you have Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 set at 125% DPI for text then you get issues on a second monitor certainly with laptops so worth checking if this workaround makes a difference. Although your systems seems different we typically see windows within windows, ghosting/ stuck screen. 


            SPR 872249 Graphics area ghosting on second screen on some certified Windows 8.1 and 10 machines with Medium size text size at OS level


            workaround below


            1. Disconnect Projector/extended monitor

            2. Move slider in  'Control Panel' > 'Appearance and Personalization' > 'Display' all the way to the left (100%)

            3. Log off and log on

            4. move slider back to the middle. (normal size)

            5. Reconnect Screen


            You may have to repeat this process if connected to another device, e.g. projector and then back to your normal screen

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              Christian Chu

              Just a quick check

              Have you connected your computer to a big screen TV and clone it from one of your monitor?

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                Chris B.

                Problem Solved.


                Was some strange audio driver on my motherboard.  Since it's a gaming board, it had some strange driver that was doing something to the 3D viewing somehow.  Replaced that driver, both monitors are working now.


                Thanks everyone

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                    Rick McDonald

                    We learn something new every day.

                    I expect strange behavior from gaming video cards based on past recommendations for types of video cards that are not geared toward gaming,  but never thought about the mother board.

                    I recently built up a new home computer and built it for SWX performance (within my $$ limits) and specified it would NOT have a gaming card no matter how much the computer store pushed. I even had to get it on Amazon (Nividia 2200) and have the store install it during the system build.  They only carried gaming cards.