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    C# macros not working

    Justin Vitiello

      I'm running Solidworks 2016 on windows 10 and need to create macros in C#. I have the API tools installed and can create and edit macros in C#, but cannot run them. Running the .dll gives an error saying the file cannot be opened, and clicking the play button in the code editor appears to run, but nothing happens in the solidworks window. The code generated by recording a macro works fine on other computers, just not mine. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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          Matthew Fry

          Hi Justin,

          The problem is that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update broke Solidworks' ability to run C# macros.

          there is an open critical SPR into Solidworks about this issue already. SPR #975920.

          The first workaround is to roll back the offending Windows update, but based on the date of your post we're well past that point now.


          There is a solution, however.  Just today I received a patch from my VAR that restored this functionality (vsti_aide.msi).  So, contact your VAR and ask nicely for the fix; it's way too large a file to share on the forum.

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            Andrew MacAluso

            I can confirm Matthew Fry's comment that a patch has been provided. Contact your VAR, explain the problem, and tell them there is a patch available that you need. I installed it this morning and can now run C# macros.


            There is an older thread that has been tracking the ongoing discovery and solution of the problem.

            Cannot open macro dll file