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    Hide Section Lines

    Kristian Grasberger

      I have several hidden views in my drawing,and need to hide the section lines. I've tried putting the section lines on a layer and then turning them off  but, I also have another section line I don't want gone . How do I select only the section lines I want hidden?

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          Alin Vargatu

          Have you considered just moving those view outside the space of the sheet? That way they will not print.

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            Glenn Schroeder



            I'm puzzled.  I created a drawing view, and then a section view from it.  I RMB'ed on the parent view in the tree and chose Hide.  I got a pop-up asking if I also wanted to hide the section view.  I clicked on No, and when the view was hidden the section line also disappeared.  Did yours stay visible, or did I completely misunderstand?

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                Keith Kasperson



                I dont think this is answering the quesiton. I am having the same issue. Kristian is having an issue with the section lines crowding his parent/main view. It seems like he wants to keep his main drawing view as well as his section view but just hide the section view line. This is my issue. The section view line has those large arrows and since I have about 4 section views, they begin to clutter my drawing. I would like to keep all drawings (especially the main one) while hiding the section view lines. I have tried a lot of things and none seem to work. I have worked with Catia V5 quite a bit and it is a very simple thing to hide or even delete section lines without effecting views, it seems to be more difficult in solidworks however.

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                Ben Bilbrough

                If you look in the feature window. You can see the properties for the section view. You can hide/show the cutting line here. I could right click on the line itself when it was shown, but had to go here to show it again when it was hidden. I had to hide it because it wouldn't let me click on a point that was "behind" the line.