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    Solidworks freezes on open/checkout from workgroup pdm

    Benjamin Rinauto

      I'm not sure what's going on.  I can check in documents, open documents locally, and interact with vault files (via "preview window" and "document information"), but when I try to open/checkout a part, solidworks freezes.  I can't interact with any buttons or menus, and it stays this way indefinitely.  This happens for any part, even components with no references or drawings.  Any ideas about what might be going wrong?


      I'm running Solidworks 2016 SP5 on a Windows 10 PC with 16 GB RAM and 377 GB storage available.  I have permission to write to the local PDM storage folders.


      I've checked this discussion, but it seems to be a different issue: Slow Checkin/Checkout of Documents in Workgroup PDM

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          Benjamin Rinauto



          I've narrowed it down to a network issue, I think.  Solidworks doesn't hog resources when it freezes; it appears to be waiting for a response from the server.  Does anyone have insight into the check-out communication protocol so that I can try to debug?  There is some issue with my computer and the server.


          A few other notes:


          - I can check out from different computers

          - Other users cannot check out from my computer

          - (again) Check in, preview, document information all works fine; so communication *is* established and working for most functions

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              Austin Broeker

              Are you able to open the Solidworks program alone (without trying to open a file)? Does your company use a SolidNetwork License or standalone licenses? Are you able to open files that are stored locally on your computer, like on your C: drive or desktop?


              EDIT: Ignore the question about opening local files, I just realized you already answered that in your original post. I have a couple more questions though: What happens when you try to get the latest version of a file within PDM? When you check a file into PDM, are other users/computers able to see the file exactly as it was when you checked it in (any changes you made are present when they open the file)?

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                  Benjamin Rinauto

                  When I try to "get" it?  Do you mean when I try to check out / open a file?  When I do that, the solidworks window stops responding -- I can't move it, I can't minimize it, I can't open any toolbars.  I have to use End Process to stop it.  It will hang this way for hours if I let it (and I have). The window menu bar changes color as though it's going to open another window (i.e, the main solidworks window loses "focus" -- this happens whenever you click away from it or it opens another window).

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                      Austin Broeker

                      If you right-click on a file in the PDM window, is there an option to "Get latest version"?


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                          Benjamin Rinauto

                          I have no option for that (see image).  I'm using workgroup PDM 2016.  Are you on EPDM?


                          There is a small window that opens (on others computers) where I can select get local copy, get reference, etc.  That window doesn't open for me.



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                              Austin Broeker

                              My apologies, I didn't realize you were using Workgroup PDM. Yes, I am using EPDM (or "Solidworks PDM" as it's known now). I've never used workgroup before though, so I'm not sure what the similarities/differences are between the two, and thus I probably won't be of much help... sorry.


                              As far as I know, it sounds like your specific computer might not be able to access the server where the file vault is stored. If you know the name of the vault server, you might be able to check with your IT department to make sure your machine is permitted and/or able to access that server. However, if you make a change to a checked-out part, save it, check it in, and other users are able to see this change, then you probably have a different problem. The best advice I can give at that point is to contact your VAR.


                              As far as being able to see the preview of the part, PDM uses eDrawings to view the local copy stored in your computer's memory (at least that's what EPDM does, so I can only assume workgroup PDM would do the same). Similarly, when you check a part in it might only be checking it into your local vault view, but if other users are able to see any changes you made, then that would mean that your computer is indeed making contact with the vault server (again, this is based on EPDM so I'm not positive that this functionality transfers to workgroup).

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                      Benjamin Rinauto

                      Update 2:  I fixed it somehow?


                      I used the repair installation utility -- that didn't seem to work but may have had an effect.  I still had the problem immediately after repairing and restarting.


                      Then I unplugged the network cable immediately before trying to check out a part.  This gave me an error (error 40 I think), crashed solidworks, and opened solidworks Rx.  I plugged the cable back in and tried to record the error using the capture feature in Rx (I hadn't realized rx existed, I would have used it much sooner).  This time it just worked.  I was able to check out a part like nothing was ever wrong.  I closed Rx and opened regular (non-Rx) solidworks.  It worked there too.  Seems like triggering the error put something into place.  I had messed with the network cable before, but never in the middle of a solidworks session, so it wasn't *just* the cable.


                      So, if you're running into this error here is my suggested solution:


                      1. Open solidworks and start workgroup PDM


                      2. Confirm that this is indeed the same problem that I have by clicking "document information" and making sure that the window opens in a short amount of time and that you are able to view the part in the view tab of that window.


                      3. Unplug your network cable


                      4. Click "Open/Check Out"


                      5. When the error message pops up, click OK.  It should appear again.  Click OK.  Solidworks should give an error telling you it has to restart.  Let it.  Solidworks Rx should start (maybe there's a prompt before it starts)


                      6.  In Rx, click the start capture tab, click start recording, and then do steps 1 (Rx does this automatically) and 4.  It should work now.  Close Rx (don't worry about saving the capture).


                      7.  Scratch your head and wonder what caused the problem while using solidworks as normal.


                      Other things that may work:


                      * Induce any error that crashes solidworks


                      * ????