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    SW2017 Enhancement That Didn't Make the "What's New" Document

    Glenn Schroeder

      I recently discovered that if you insert a BOM in a SW2017 Drawing, drawing views of the components in the BOM inserted afterwards will automatically be linked to it.  People have been asking for something like this for a long time, so it's a great enhancement, but somehow it didn't make it into the "What's New" document (or at least if it did I can't find it).  Deepak Gupta did some further checking and discovered that this only works if there's only one table in the Drawing (no other BOM's or cut lists), but I think this is perfectly understandable.  See Option to link all views in a drawing to a single BOM.


      Edit:  I just did some more checking.  Apparently the first drawing view inserted still needs to be linked like before (right-click > Properties... > "Link balloon to specified table"), but after that new views are automatically linked.