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    Custom material

    vladimir sever

      Hi Solidworkers,

      I have one quastion about adding custom materila in Solidworks.
      I designin bottle for mayonnaise and now I need to know the volume of bottle needed for packing mayonnaise.
      Please can you tell me what parameters I need to put in material editor to create custom material for mayonnaise.
      I have only one parameter ie. density 0.09855 g/ml, do I need to have more parameters?


      Thank you

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          Scott Ellery

          Hi Vladimir ,


          no need for a custom Material on this , you can use the intersect tool for finding internal volume.


          simply create a plane at the desired fill height on the bottle, run the intersect command, select both the plane and the bottle and create the internal body.


          then using your evaluation tool check to see the volume.


          EDIT : added video

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            Chris Saller

            If you only need volume, you don't need to worry about material properties.

            In addition to Scott's reply, edit the material on the part and look at how other materials are setup.

            Depending how much detail you are looking for, density may be only what you need.