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    Rename Face ID to match another part

    Joe Pickens

      In short I have an imported solid and I remodeled it as a SolidWorks part. Is there a way in Solidworks or in API so the the Face ID used in mating equal to one from another part. what I am trying to do is to I want to make it so when i remake an imported part I don't have to remate that part in existing assemblies.


      I know in API the is GetFaceID and SetFaceID in the IFace2 but this dosent seem to accomplish what I want.

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          Flemming Nielsen

          Hi Joe,

          I affraid this can't be done. I do a of lot mass generation through DriveWorks, and now and then use old parts, without reference geometry, where things fall apart. If renaming faces was possible, I'm quite sure DriveWorks would know.

          However I just been to the 2017 news seminar, and it seems like 2017 treats faces a little diffent, but if thats any help, I don't know.