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    Isolate part in assembly from a drawing

    Dave Paul

      Good Morning,


      We have this issue, every once in a while, where the BOM in the drawing indicates X number of parts in the configuration of the assembly.  The number of parts should be one or two less than what is in the BOM.  The assembly is very large with many parts. 

      What I want to do is be able to select a part from BOM, have a routine open the assembly and isolate the selected parts.  This will help us make sure that there's not an "odd, extra screw" in the assembly.  I have a number of pieces of code but one that I cannot find is, locating the view that the BOM is related to.


      Any thoughts and help is appreciated.


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          Christian Chu


          Not sure if this can be done for one click away because a part can be used in different assemblies. You can use API to search for part's  ref. assemblies; however, if there are more than one assembly, then you might need to create a list of ref. assemblies for the user to pick one. this macro can be complicated than you thought

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              Dave Paul

              Thank you Christian for your reply.  Good thought.  That scenario makes sense because of the number of configurations in the assembly that the BOM is attached, and what configuration the part is in.  I have code that I wrote sometime ago that digs thru all the sheets, views, and lines in the BOM.  I might just reconfigure that to allow the user to choose a specific configuration and part number.

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              Nilesh Patel

              Hi Dave,


              Have you used the filter in the feature tree as shown in the screenshot below?

              Once you know the part name from the BOM, open the assembly document and type the part name as shown. It will not only isolate this part in the graphics area but also isolate them in the feature tree.