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    Visualize vs PV360

    Tony Vitale

      Hi everyone,


      Here are a few renders. the first is right out of PV360 (best quality setting)

      the second has some vignetting adding and straighted the imaged since it looked like it was leaning.

      Thought i'd have a go with Visualize. When importing the model it looks aweful.....textures and decals are a mess.

      Render with 1000 passes 4 minutes +/- (i think) looks pretty bad. I thought we could setup in solidworks and import and BAM! run with it. Have i missed something?

      Thanks in advance!


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          Tony Vitale

          Brian Hillner could you offer any insight please?

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              Brian Hillner

              Hi Tony,

              You might find some help and responses from our more active users in this Visualize forum thread:

              Comparison of Visualize Std and PV360?


              As for the render time, try using Fast mode...which can be anywhere from 3 to 5 times faster than Accurate mode. Accurate mode is really only needed for overlapping transparencies and enclosed interior spaces.


              Sorry to hear the textures are importing incorrectly. This might be a good issue to take up with your Reseller, or asking in the other forum thread to see how other users import their projects from SW CAD.


              At this time, Visualize only imports projection mapping decals from SW CAD. As requested from several users, we are working towards importing more types of decals from SW CAD in future releases.

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              Scott Ellery

              Hi Tony ,


              Brian Hillner already mentioned the Decal issue but you mentioned that you ran at 1000 passes at 4 minutes, was this rendering or just letting the model window res up to 1000? how long did the PV360 render take?


              Decals aside, which I agree are an issue, visualize is working differently than PV360. where PV360 you input your refraction and reflection levels (can also use presets such as the max quality setting you used) visualize does this on the fly. so if you did a 4 minute timed render at 1000 passes, depending on resolution and the graphics card you are rendering with the image may not have actually achieved 1000 passes before the 4 minute time limit which would explain the bad reflections and especially the glass refraction.


              apologize if I misunderstood your original post.


              also not saying PV360 is terrible or anything I still use it on a daily basis