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    Part selection for subassemblies generation

    Chiheb Gouta

      For the API program (2016 SOLIDWORKS API Help - Make Assembly From Selected Components Example (VB.NET)), I want to use this program for other developments but I didn't found how to automatize the selection of the 2 parts (valve<1> and valve_guide<1>).

      As the pre-conditons of this program are:

      ' Preconditions:

      ' 1. Open install_dir\samples\tutorial\motionstudies\valve_cam2.sldasm

      ' 2. Ensure that the Save new components to external files check box

      '    on the Tools > Options > Assemblies dialog is selected.

      '    Otherwise, the selected components are saved as virtual components

      '    and not as external files.

      ' 3. Select valve<1> and valve_guide<1> components.


      Can anyone help me and thank you very much.