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    Help for choosing the better configuration for a desktop

    Minosh Rayol

      at work our supplier offered these two solution for a new desktop soliworks oriented.


      Intel Xeon E5-2620V3 / 2.4 GHz ( 3.2 GHz )

      16 GB - DDR4 SDRAM - ECC - PC4-17000

      2 x 960GB SSD Samsung

      NVIDIA Quadro M4000 con 8 GB GDDR5





      e5-1630 v4 3.7GHz

      quadro m3000

      1x256+1x960GB ssd

      16GB ram



      which is the best one?


        • Re: Help for choosing the better configuration for a desktop
          Felice Pasinetti

          Hi Minosh,


          unless you work a lot with FEA, in my opinion the best choice will be the e5-1630 v4 3.7GHz.

          Please consider that SW is mainly single-threaded.

          So with the 1630 you have a faster processor (3.7GHz vs 2.4GHZ... this a HUGE difference)

          a faster RAM (DDR4 2400 vs 1866)

          SSD config is enough (I would even choose a standard HD for storange instead of 960GB SSD)

          Quadro M3000 is very good anyway.


          SW could use more than one core in FEA, in drawing and in rendering.

          But anyway, considedering the difference in the clock speed, I would choose the 4 core 1630 in any case.


          My best regards