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    Variable Dimension Control

    Maris Balch

      Hi all,


      Not sure this is the right forum corner for the question.


      I have an model that has set tolerances in each sketch. From my searching so far it doesn't appear that there is a way to easily see all these dims in a straightforward table with the aforementioned tolerances.

      So I'm searching for a macro that can do what Autodesk Inventor does easily.


      inventor tolerances.jpg


      I wan't to get a similar table as above that can quickly switch between min/med/max tolerances and see the effects live? (i.e. have the model update as the tolerance is chosen).


      I found an old macro (attached) written by Josh Brady here on the forums back in 2009, but am having issues with running it in SW2016 SP3. It complains that a 'method or data member is not found'. Can anyone help please? I'm completely new to macros.


      Many Thanks,