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    Parts and Vendors Alternative

    Luke B.

      We are a small job shop looking for a replacement to Parts and Vendors. Parts and Vendors software was created by Trilogy design, and has since stopped all of their product support. We are experiencing crashes and errors on a daily basis and need a new program ASAP. We do not want/need an ERP software suite, we simply want something as close to P&V as possible. The P&V features we are looking for are: multi-level part and assembly management, BOMs associated with specific parts, drawing and document number fields for each part or assembly level, parts associated with specific vendors, storage of price breaks for parts, inventory management, PO issuing and management, running a buy for a specific job, issue of RFQs, vendor management, capability of handling at least 15 simultaneous users, ability to import SW BOMs via .csv, and ability to preview/view SW drawings or parts directly within the software. Any help would be much appreciated.

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          Christian Chu

          Contact Keith Rice, he can help you out

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            Paul Koenig

            My group has the same problem with Parts&Vendors software now at end-of-life. I talked to the owner of the company about continuing it and he had some bad experience with another suitor prior to my inquiry and was not too interested. It is too bad as for small groups it is one of the best and least expensive packages around.


            I am working on porting the functionality of it and have made pretty good progress. The front end is php/html and the backend is mysql. Once done it should allow for way better performance. Some of the functions are better using a web-style interface and others are not quite as snazzy as the MSaccess offerings.


            Please feel free to contact me if interested in the project.


            Screen shot of the item master dashboard is below.



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                Scott Bellows


                Any interest in having someone test your P&V replacement program?  We have used P&V for 17 years and are currently looking for its replacement.


                Thanks, Scott

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                    Paul Koenig

                    So what I've done is customize the application to my groups' needs and many features aren't there (yet). There is a lengthy migration of msaccess to mysql process which needs some kind script to automate it. I've looked into writing a python program but have since gotten side-tracked with work these days.


                    I'll let you know if more happens. It might be sooner than we really want to as our P&V is bogging down with nearly 5000 purchase orders and 7000 parts in the system.


                    You would definitely need to know something about mysql and php to get going I suspect. However, I am a mechanical engineer and figured a lot of it out easy enough using just xampp. I'm using phprunner to get things going and it works quite well. Totally worth the price if you start to dabble in this.



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                  Andrew Schutte


                  I worked at a company years ago that used Parts and Vendors, it served us well for what it did and the tech available at the time.

                  Now a decade+ later, I work at a company (Smooth Logics) that has developed an ERP system (called COUNTERPART) with direct SOLIDWORKS integration that does what Parts and Vendors did, plus a lot more, all while being SOLIDWORKS centric.

                  If you would like more information, feel free to reply here or contact me directly. I'll gladly setup a short webinar demo, if you are willing to provide SOLIDWORKS files I'll use them during the demo (that way there's nothing canned).