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    Deleting a New Hole Size added to Hole Wizard

    Tony Thompson



      I have been working on setting up the SolidWorks Toolbox and during some testing I added a new hole size to the counterbored hole database but I no longer need this and the only way I can find to get rid of it is to deselect it but I am not finding any way to delete the entire record.

      Also I am using a copied version of the ANSI Inch & Metric Standards.

      Is there any way to delete an added hole size that is no longer needed?

      If not why on earth would SolidWorks do something like this because that makes no sense at all.


      What I am trying to accomplish is to create a counterbored hole to use to represent a reamed hole because the Dowel Pin Holes that SolidWorks finally added are almost useless and dose not represent how a reamed hole is created it is nothing more than a drilled hole with it's own hole callout and this hole type only works for a hole that is drilled & reamed clear thru a part.


      What I have come up with so far to get my hole callout to automatically show up with the note describing it as a either a Slip Fit or a Press Fit Dowel and the drill and ream depths was to create a new Company standard and then I edited the hole callout text file. I never use the hole wizard to add the chamfers to my holes nor do I chamfer the holes with a chamfer feature unless it would be critical that the hole have a specific size chamfer and even then I would not use the hole wizard. So what I have, and it seems to be working OK, is that I am using a Hole Wizard Favorites to get the drill and ream diameters and depths and then if I use the nearside countersink in the Hole Wizard then I use this line in the hole callout text file to describe it as a Slip Fit Reamed Hole. If I use the near and underhead countersink then I use this for  Press Fit reamed Hole. See the image below that shows how the hole and callouts show up.


      Also for some reason the Hole Wizard Favorites does not sort the entries and after a short time this can get pretty disorganized and out of order.

      Is there a way to sort the Hole Wizard Favorites or is this something else that SolidWorks has left out?

      Does anyone have a better way to get a correctly modeled dowel pin hole and the hole callout to display correctly without having to edit each hole note manually, which is how we have been doing it.


      I am using SolidWorks 2016 SP4


      Thanks, Tony



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          Solid Air



          I have never tried to delete a hole wizard entry through SolidWorks.  I normally edit the database directly.  But it will be interesting to see what others have to say.


          For your reamed hole question, we do it the hard way and manually create the hole call out.  I am waiting for SW2017 to be released so I can use the new hole functionality that may do exactly what you want.

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              Tony Thompson

              It appears that SolidWorks has left out a lot of very basic functions in the Hole Wizard.

              The only thing I have came up with is to somehow directly edit the database but for some reason the databases are not in the Access format now they are SQL format I believe. Some have suggested a 3rd party database editor to do this but I feel this would be risky and do not feel comfortable doing this to simply delete an unneeded record.


              There also needs to be a way to sort your favorites and why this isn't already how it works is concerning at the lack of attention that SolidWorks is paying to is product. All they seem to care about is selling you more add-ins and keeping you on maintenance which in my opinion really isn't worth the money.