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    Fluid subdomains or initial condition same behaviour ?

    Koen Menke

      Dear readers,


      I'am simulating a closed model witch is divided in to two sections.
      One is filled with air one with an user defined liquid. ( divided by a lid )



      I difined two fluid subdomains, which are previewed and shown blue when i click one lid.

      I also see the function initial condition where i need to select all the faces which are in contact with the fluid.


      What is the diffrence between initial conditions and fluidsubdomains, do i need to set both or does the simulation works fine like i did ?
      ( Simulation takes ages so i cant just test it )




      Thanks in advance !



        • Re: Fluid subdomains or initial condition same behaviour ?
          Bill McEachern

          maybe I don't understand what your situation is but I select volumes or bodies wen I am applying initial conditions to domains. If say you want the initial temp to be some value you need a volume the same as the domain volume and you apply the condition to that. If the whole model is to be at some initial temp you can do that in the general settings tab under initial conditions and no volume is required. You can get the volume from the check geometry tool and then just put it in the model or just do a cavity operation on some solid that fills the volume. Either way not difficult. If you pick the faces then only the cells that go through that face would get the condition..