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    Pack and go multiple

    Marco Crociani

      Hello everyone,


      You often have to make a variety pack and go in the same assembly, or the same part.


      Can you find a macro where you write various "file names" and are made the pack and go multiple each with the "file name" written.




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          Peter Brinkhuis

          So do you want to create an exact copy of the pack and go? Would copying them in the explorer do the trick?


          Here's an example on how to create a pack and go from an assembly. You can create a simple form to enter files names or enter a number of copies, and then iterate the code x times to create multiple files.

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            Marco Crociani

            First I write in a file xls or txt the names of the files that i want to create with pack and go (file .sldprt + .slddrw).

            Next i want to create n copies, each copies has the filename that i have wrote in the file xls or txt


            example file TXT:






            I need a macro that creates 4 files named as 4 lines.


            I hope I have explained well!!!!


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                Peter Brinkhuis

                The goal of the Pack and Go feature is to create a copy of an assembly and keep all the part and drawing relations intact. Are you planning something like that, or do you only intend to create parts and drawings (with relations between them intact). I believe #Task can create file and drawing copies for you. Then you would only need to read in a text or excel file and find those parts. I don't know if #Task would let you run a text reading macro and call #Task macros to create the file copies. I think that would be a nice road to explore.


                You might want to explore a better way of entering file names as well, it's error prone and I think entering lines manually would quickly become annoying.