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    When using solidworks RAM keeps building up

    Preston Hess

      I have Solidworks 2014, I have 24GB of RAM and the most up to date graphics card that solidworks needs to run. When I am using the program every command I do it slowly stacks up on the RAM memory to the point those 24GB are being used and my computer can't run solidworks anymore. It is worst when I try to do a motion study. Is there something else they I need to look at or change? Thanks!

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          Rick McDonald


          I used to see this increase rapidly also but found that I was actually opening multiple instances of SW when I opened other parts or drawings.

          I found that I had my windows settings for the "Open With" function set to use Solidworks.exe as the open with program.

          It needs to be the sldworks_fs.exe program.  This is the "Fast Start" program that calls the SolidWorks program.

          The file is located in a sub-directory (usually) under c:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS Corp\SOLIDWORKS....


          I know some people have multiple instances of SolidWorks open at the same time but I had lots of problems with doing that.

          After I set all my SW type files (parts, assemblies, drawings...) to open with the Fast Start program (as Solidworks recommends) my memory problems were mostly fixed.

          I did have some problems getting some of the files reset to use the Fast Start and had to go into the registry and edit the "Open With" settings.

          If you end up doing this - be sure to backup your registry first.  A minor error can cause big problems and be really hard to find what the problem was.

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            Richie More

            It resembles to same scenario where you want to win a race with a low end vehicle.

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              Greg Hynd

              What service pack are you using? I had the same issue in 2014, see attached thread on the issue.


              2014 not releasing memory.

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                  Hey Greg,

                  I have Solidworks Premium 2014. I am thinking that this is the problem I am having. I don't have the "patches" or service pack to stop this memory problem. The issue is my company doesn't have a subscription anymore. Is there anyway I can get these patches with out renewing the subscription?

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                  Towab Muhammad Yusuf

                  Point number one you have 24 GB Ram and the second point latest External Graphics card. Your computer will be very powerful to me. I know something ram doing problem but in this case no chance. Do you check your computer ram device or power supply and you will also need to check up your graphic update or inundate?