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Solidworks installation error "Downloads are disabled"

Question asked by Arin Wooster on Sep 18, 2016
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I'm an engineering student and my professor gave me instructions to get SW 2016-17 Service Pack 2. After entering my school information I am given the option to download the installer. However, he installer will not let me download any of the files. When I click through options to download the files, there is a prompt that pops up that says "downloads are disabled" that pops up. I am very technical oriented and I have tried searching the internet, disabling the firewall, running as administrator, trying different types of installations (individual, etc) etc. but to no available.




Again, I am unable to download any installation files in the installation manager - I get a prompt that says "downloads are disabled".


Thank you.

Arin Wooster

Mech. Engineering Undergrad.