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    get the persistent ID of the face

    Kensaku Nozao

      I want to get the persistent ID of the face.

      So I used "GetPersistReference3" but the IDs change in several cases.


      Case 1. Change the place of SW model files.


      Case 2. Open SW model files in a newer version.


      Case 3. Close and Reopen SW model files in the same process of SW.

      I closed the SW model files and I opened the same files again without terminating SW. The IDs changed only a few bytes.

      Then I terminated and restarted SW. I could get the same IDs as first.



      In all cases the IDs only changed partially. I guess the IDs include the path of SW model files , the version of SW and so on.

      I want to get the IDs without needless information. Can I decompose the IDs into various information?

        • Re: get the persistent ID of the face
          Viktor Bovzdarenko


          SOLIDWORKS uses face IDs to track specific faces of imported bodies

          Face IDs are removed whenever the document is rebuilt

          Seems that IDs are just numbers and do not contain any useful information. That is why I do nos see how you can decompose ID in any information.

          On the contrary, persistent IDs are  more stable and could guide to get the faces back after rebuilding the model. Anyway, do not see how persistent IDs could be decomposed.