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    Moving any toolbar causes SolidWorks to "lock up"

    Joel Seaman

      I recently performed a restore settings from a .sldreg file. Now I can't move any toolbar in SolidWorks without causing it to freeze for a good 30 seconds. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Is there a simple fix?


      I'm running SolidWorks 2015.

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          Eric Salvo

          That sounds very familiar, except that mine would lock up for exactly 45 seconds. The fix was to reinstall Solidworks and do not restore the settings from the sldreg file. Instead, you'll need to make the changes to your settings manually and save a new settings file. It seems like the process starts over as it now locks up for about 5 seconds if I move a toolbar. We'll see if the lockup time slowly increases. If you don't move your toolbars often, the new "Lock CommandManager and toolbars" option helps to avoid accidentally moving a toolbar.

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              Steve Calvert

              Joel, I too get the 4 arrow crosshairs when I move a toolbar in SW2015 but it always works in the end.  I'd suggest that you get al;l your toolbars in place where you like them, in Parts, Assemblies and Drawings, and then do a Copy Setting Wizard in the Tools portion of the Solidworks Program.  Then restart and if they move around you have a reg problem and using the just saved swsettings.sldreg file will/should fix it.


              Steve C

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              Joel Seaman

              Thanks for the replies so far!

              I'm glad to hear that the issue isn't specific to my system, but I'm disappointed to hear that the solution so far is to just deal with it. It really seems that something is wrong if I can't reposition the toolbars without lag. I recently noticed something strange about the issue that might help to pinpoint the problem, so I'll post it here:


              Lag Position.png

              In the image above, I click on the 5 dot symbol on the left of the sketch tool bar and let go (as if I had misclicked that symbol instead of the "sketch" icon). Reliably SolidWorks lags for >30 seconds.


              No Lag Position.png

              In this second image, I click on the same 5 dot symbol and move my cursor on top of the features toolbar before letting go. Reliably SolidWorks does not lag at all, and this is repeatable with different toolbars in different positions.

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                  Seetharam Misro

                  Hi Joel,
                      I came across this thread today and was wondering if this is still reproducible at your end? We tested with the same setup you showed in your image above on SW2015_sp5, SW2016_SP5 and SW2017_SP2 and cannot reproduce at our end. If you are still seeing this problem, can you please upload your Solidworks 2015 registry settings?
                  This is under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SolidWorks\SOLIDWORKS 2015