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    About New colors or appearences?

    Pedro Larez

      Hello my name is Pedro.  I have a question, i wanto to find and use new appearances into my models (instead of colors  like camouflages, or like a aligator skin). I don´t know how to import it and if a use a image it looks terrible.


      Please if somebody knows place on the internet to find them and also how to insert it into solidworks I will be really gratefull.




      P.D: If the word it is not appearences I sorry, I am still improving my english.

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          Tom Buxton

          Hi Pedro,


          A great community website that offers additional appearances with a texture inside them is the foundry the link to there materials page is below.

          The Foundry Community :: Share :: Material Gallery


          There is also a blog from a reseller showing step by step instructions of how to download and then start using in Solidworks.

          A Game Changer… For Rendering


          I hope this is of help


          Thanks Tom

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              Pedro Larez

              Hello Tom, thanks for your help. I have enter that website, and downloaded a few appearances. However following step by step the recommendations in Game Changer i am not able to create a folder inside appearances (the program just let me put a specific appeareance in that folder but it never creates the folder I will try to correct this). But  i have another question, I have seen some desings which includes a  ".m" file like and appearences and it can be seen without rendering in a desing.....so it depends on whether I am using a .lpx or .m file or in the way I save to the folder appeareance?


              Thanks for your help. 

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                  Tom Buxton

                  Morning Pedro,

                  To create a folder to use, you first of all need to create a folder somewhere on your pc named what you want the appearance folder to be called with all the appearances you want in it.


                  from there open the appearance tab on the RHS of solidworks and you can add a file location with the button shown below. Once you do this it should appear at the bottom of your appearance list.


                  As for some appearances only working when rendering I have had this too. I do not have a concrete answer for this but I believe its because the appearances has no simplified graphics and therefore will not show out of photoview.


                  Hope this helps


                  thanks tom