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    why angle doesn't change to degree

    Sime One


      i want to set the length of a line with sin of an angle in degree

      also i change the unit from radian to degree in dacument properties
      but it is still in radian

      so how to solve ?

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          Romel Cumare

          Hi Sime,


          The units should change when you are changing a dimension. However, if you are using the measure tool it could be that you also need to change the dimensions for this which can be different from the document properties

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            Jacob Steinmetz

            So just to clarify, you are looking to dimension an angle that a line makes in units of degrees? Or are you creating a sinusoidal equation to define a line's length? It may be easier to take a snap of the part/line to explain what exactly you're going for.


            When you are in the document properties, what unit system do you have selected? IPS/MMGS...? Also, just to check what you changed for document properties, did you do as follows:


            Tools > Options > Document Properties > Units > Angle > Use the drop down menu to select degrees


            or did you change that some other way?