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    Optical / Ray Trace Add-Ins, Looking for feedback

    Harold Brunt

      Every few months (or years) I look for other lighting designers, optomechanical engineers, etc, that are using or have used add-ins for ray tracing. There are a couple of new add-ins out there and so I thought I'd ask again. I am using OptisWorks with the LM2 lighting and OD optical design packages plus the colorimetry, phosphor down conversion (mass/bulk scattering), and 3D Textures add-ins with the 16 thread option. Is anyone else using OptisWorks and if so what packages and what has been your experience?

      I am also using the Zemax LensMechanix Add-in. This is a new software geared toward the optomechanical engineer specifically. Anyone take advantage of the trial or beta programs?

      How about the Lamda Research software? I am interested in the new RayViz Add-In. Anyone using the early adaptor program software?

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          Harold Brunt

          I was thinking perhaps a little clarification might help since I see similar questions / discussion posts getting little attention as well. First off I am not looking for marketing data nor am I fishing for customers or competitors (although I would not turn away a potential client!). One of my responsibilities here is staying current on simulation software that we could or should be using. I can get plenty of rave reviews from the sales staff and tech support but I'm looking for people that use the software daily. I have been pretty lucky in that I have been able to test beta versions of a few different software releases but most of those experiences are not relevant. There has to be a few of you out there if companies like Zemax and Lambda Research are releasing new add-ins for SolidWorks and both Zemax and Optis were at SWW. If you would rather reply off-line please feel free to shoot me an email via my contact info.