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    componets not showing BOM# in balloon

    Jim Steinmeyer

      I have an interesting problem. I have two components in an exploded view where the balloon is not showing an active part number. I can go to the assembly and if I select the part while in the assembly, the part will highlight in the tree. I can find no suppression or any other reason for the balloon not working. Does anyone have any suggestions? The bolt  does not show a number for any of the bolts in the pattern.




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          Peter Brinkhuis

          Can you suppress the part and unsuppress it? Does it work when you dissolve the pattern for that particular part? And the IT Crowd classic: "Have you tried turning it on and off again?"

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            Solid Air

            There are multiple reasons why this might happen (and probably more than I know).


            • Is the view linked to the BOM?
            • Is the BOM and view looking at the same configuration?
            • Do you have another component that matches the two that will not balloons suppressed in the assembly
            • What settings did you use to create the BOM.
            • Did you apply any assembly cuts, etc to the two components.

            There are several more...

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              Deepak Gupta

              Do you have configuration in the assembly? If yes check that bolts are not suppressed in the configuration used in the drawings? Also check which configuration the BOM is referring to in the drawing.


              If the answers are NO then can you upload the files to check?

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                Jim Steinmeyer

                I have gone through the model and drawing again and am still unable to make the balloons work. There are several configurations in the assembly so I verified that the bolt and bushing are not suppressed in the BOM configuration. The BOM and it's view are on sheet 1 while the misbehaving view is view 3 on sheet 2. The view is linked to the BOM. The bolt is 406480 <1> in the hardware folder and the bushing is 190841 <1> in the bushing folder. Hovering over the part number in the tree causes the part to be outlined in the view so I can verify that the part is not suppressed and should show active for the balloon. I have attempted to balloon the other bolts of the same part number but they don't work either. The bolts were placed with copy mates and not a pattern.

                I attempted to attach the zipped Pack-N-Go file but it was too large. (thus the reason for my giving part numbers and component info above)

                I have also played with suppressing and unsuppressing a couple of times and the computer was shut down over the weekend.

                I "could" just dumb text the balloon and be done with this but I am reluctant to do so should someone add a part later and the numbers change in the BOM. I could also create a BOM of the offending view and use it however there are parts suppressed in the configuration this view is created from so the BOM would be smaller and the part numbers would not correspond with the other views so this is undesirable.