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    Student Edition user: Costs for purchase of a single Standard/Pro license (for commercial use)

    Hersh Nevgi

      I am an Australian user of Student Edition of SolidWorks 2015. I plan to upgrade soon to the full paid-up software so as to achieve its use commercially. The quotes that I have received from the local resellers in Victoria (for such a purchase) seem too excessive for my pockets. I have three questions about the purchase of SolidWorks 2016 (Standard or Professional):


      1) What costs (all inclusive / in AUD) are considered reasonable for payment by a small-sized (one-person) Australian user for purchasing a SolidWorks license (Standard or Professional version)?


      2) Can I legally purchase from, say, Sydney, Singapore or USA (or elsewhere), if I get a better price from a reseller there?


      3) Is paying the Annual Subscription Fee mandatory/required for use during the first year, when I would have paid significantly upfront for the license purchase anyway? My logical guess/thought is that payment of the Annual Subscription Fee should be required only for second year onwards (for upgrades, tech support, etcetera). The upfront license purchase price should include the upgrades/tech-support during the first year anyway.




      - A Student User

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          Logan Pegler

          Hi Hersh


          I work on the tech support team at Intercad (The largest Australasian VAR). I hope I can provide some unbiased feedback on your questions to help you make your decision...


          1) The RRP is somewhere around $12,000 AUD for SolidWorks Standard not including the annual subscription fee. This price fluctuates depending on the exchange rate and any discounts the reseller may offer you. Unfortunately there really isn't any other offerings from SolidWorks with the exception of student/research licenses that may suit you.


          2) It is a breach of the EULA to purchase and use a license from outside your country. You need to purchase locally (within Australia) to be compliant. If you do purchase a license overseas and move to Australia, you are required to fill out a form that indicates this and will assign you a new reseller, even if you do not have a current subscription. There is a fee associated with this and a new serial gets created for you.


          3) It is mandatory to pay the first years subscription and is a requirement placed on the reseller by SolidWorks. This is what we refer to as 'onboarding' where we expect you to place a higher strain on support to learn to use the software and offer assistance accordingly. Remember that during your first year of subscription you will always be entitled to the next version of the software as well as the current version when you first buy. So your subscription pays for this up front. You will have also paid for support up front so you can use this as much as you need.