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    eDrawings: General table text in cells are always missaligned

    Lawrence Kiefer

      When an drawing that is viewed in eDrawings shows text that is in our general tables that is generated by a custom property link it always shows up misaligned as shown below. Does anyone know what would cause this?


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          Paul Hickman

          We have the same issue with our Rev table which uses custom properties to fill in the rev history.  We have just started to use EPDM so this makes the PDM preview look wrong.  Now, we can take it as trust (as document approvers) that what comes out in the final PDF will be correct, but it doesn't look good when you're checking over the preview or Edrawings view when the text overlaps the cell above and becomes unreadable!


          I've not really used Edrawings much in the past, but since working with PDM and including users who will not necessarily have SolidWorks, I've discovered Edrawings to be a bit of a dog.  From some of the issues I've read through while looking for a solution and the lack of any response to this problem, it looks like those at SolidWorks don't seem to care that much about it.  Bring back SolidWorks Viewer!