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    What's SW, asking me to do?

    Mark McMullen

      I recently upgraded to SW2016 from SW2015 SP3, every time I open a drawing file

      I received this notice on the screen what's it mean, what do I do to correct it ?

      I attached a screen shot so you can see it when you open the file.

      Thank you

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            Mark McMullen

            Thanks Jason


            The last thing I wanted to do was upgrade but had no choice,

            SW right on the ball again..

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                Jim Wilkinson

                Hi Mark and Jason,

                Just to be clear, SOLIDWORKS did not remove any fonts or stop shipping any fonts. Up until SOLIDWORKS 2016, any time a document referenced a font that was missing on the particular machine where the document was being opened, SOLIDWORKS would use Microsoft algorithms to choose a "closest matching" replacement font and do that replacement without any user notification. The change that we made in SOLIDWORKS was to now warn the user when this happens so they are aware that fonts are changing. It was happening in the past, you just might not have been aware of it.


                The main reason we did this was because with Windows 10, Microsoft stopped installing some of the fonts that SOLIDWORKS used in its default document templates. So most customers would have this font substitution happening when they upgrade to Windows 10, unless the seek out and install the font that Microsoft no longer installs. We wanted users to be aware of it because it would affect so many users.


                Note that neither of the fonts in the warning message that Mark posted are ones that Microsoft stopped installing by default. So, in Mark's case, someone used some fonts in the drawings that he is opening and he does not have those fonts on his machine. If opening these same files on this machine in SOLIDWORKS 2015, the same font substitution was still happening, you just weren't aware of it because we did not have a warning for it. If you don't care about it, simply check the box to not show the warning and from then on, you won't get the warning and the automatic substitution will happen silently.


                I hope this helps,