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Visualize real world VS the demo files

Question asked by Barry Shapiro on May 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2016 by Ron Bates

I've been using Visualize or several projects and the level of frustration is mounting.

Biggest problem is performance. Just to be clear.................My system is just about as advanced as you can get


Dual CPU 10 core Xeon @ 3.1 GHz with 32 Gigs of ram and Nvidia M4000 video card.


Here is the problem... All of the sample file you see demonstrations with are low polygon count. Even the Coffee make they show is only just over 200,000 polygons.

When I import my files they are typically up to 15 or 16 Million Polygons. Even the latest project I'm working on is down to 1.5M polygons but needs to be set higher because it still is showing faceted and open surfaces. Even Brian Hillner stated in the rendered content thread.


"To help if your Visualize scene is seizing, I highly suggest using "Appearance" part grouping mode when importing your files. This will reduce the number of parts in Visualize and help speed up the import process. All this is covered in the first tutorial "Import & CAD Live Update." Increasing the VRAM (memory) of your NVIDIA graphics card will also allow you to import larger assemblies and boost render speeds."...............As written by Brian


I am seeing this "seizing" which makes it almost impossible to work with. If my system can't handle this, who's can. I find it hard to believe anyone working with anything other than the most basic of files is not having the same experience.


What stinks here is that I find hard to go back to Photoview because of other issues such as patchy shading especially noticeable when rendering white products or in shadow areas. The patchy or blotchy rendering cannot be elevated in Photoview by using a higher setting or with the Accurate lighting box checked. I would post images but these renderings are of products not yet on store shelves, although one is about 8 weeks away. Those images were created in Visualize and are on the product carton.



I think Visualize has a lot of potential but still has a few kinks that need to be fixed.

On a side note: The decal video still does not work. Of course I'm working on something with a decal currently. Has anyone seen this issue......

Decal came in when imported from Solidworks. Showed up perfect in the Visualize on interactive render. Hit render final, no decal. Here is how the performance issue rears it's ugly head. Tried to add a decal and position it. Not going to happen! the system chugs along seizing and the decal jumps all over the place. And to top it off there are no numerical controls to position the decal.


Please respond if you have been having the same issues as I think people need to make these issues known.


Hope to here from some other users soon,