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    Orienting Sketch Plane

    Sachin Nagane
      In solidedge whenever I start a new sketch, part automatically orients normal to plane selected for sketching. While in Solidworks I have to click on the plane again and select Normal to Option in order to orient part.

      Is there anyway solidwork can orient the part normal to sketch plane as soon as I start a new sketch on that plane ?
        • Orienting Sketch Plane
          Jeff Hamilton
          Solidworks only does this on the first sketch. After that it let you choose your orientation. I do not believe this can be changed.
          • Orienting Sketch Plane
            Chris Dolejska
            Yeah, Inventor is the same way and you can set it to do either normal to or not.

            After using it for a month SW is better overall though

            You do have the keyboard shortcut. Before you sketch click on the surface or plane then hit ctrl-8. If it's 180 deg backwards, hit ctrl-8 again and it will spin 180.

            it helps if you have a multiple button mouse and have ctrl mapped to one of the extra buttons

            the normal to tool icon is also on the rmb menu after you select a face/plane
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              Mahir Abrahim
              Also, if you're working on a 2D Sketch, you can engage the NormalTo command without selecting a plane or surface. SolidWorks automatically orients the view normal to your sketch. Another option is to replace your sketch command with a macro that starts/stops a sketch just like the regular button, but also changes to the NormalTo named view.
              • Orienting Sketch Plane
                Chris Dolejska
                Okay, after playing with it for a while, here's the most efficient way, and it's at least as efficient as any program that goes normal to on sketch.

                right or left click on the desired face or plane and select the "normal to" icon from the context menu, or hit "ctrl-8".

                now immediately select whatever you're going to start your sketch with, say "line" or "circle" icons. I have the keyboard shortcuts mapped to L for line and C for circle, it's quicker than the icons.

                SW automatically starts the sketch. So instead of going normal to on sketch, it essentially sketches on normal to.

                so it's 3 clicks to go normal to, select the sketch drawing tool, and start the sketch. Same as Inventor, no more, no less.