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    2015 Smart Dimension in Sketch Defaults to Dimension ID Entry

    Jonathan Halderman

      When creating a sketch for a new part, I often need to dimension the sketch to define the size of the geometry.

      In prior versions of solidworks, the workflow for adding these sketh dimensions was:

      1. Click on the Smart Dimension button
      2. Select item 1 as a dimension endpoint
      3. Select item 2 as an endpoint
      4. Click the location where the dimension should reside
      5. Enter the value of the dimension
      6. Click the green check to confirm


      After I installed 2015 Solidworks SP 5.0, when I complete step 4 above, the following dialog appears:


      The dimension ID is always the default box that is highlighted and I have to hit the TAB key to get to the box for entering the actual dimension value.

      This is a massive time sink.  Mostly because this is the only installation of SolidWorks I use that has this glitch and I often forget that I need to do this stupid workaround.

      Where/how do I tell SolidWorks that the default highlighted entry box should be the dimension itself and not the dimension ID?


      Thank you,