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    convert entities - what has changed?

    Alan Knapper

      I've been using SW16 for a few weeks now, and I'm running into functionality that isn't like I've become accustomed.


      For several releases now, in using convert entities, it's been possible to convert an inside loop by first clicking the surrounding surface, then, holding the control key, clicking on an entity on the perimeter you want to convert, voila! you have that perimeter.


      What I'm running into lately is that this method doesn't seem to be working anymore.


      This is an example of what I'm running into:


      Start out with this.




      Step 2:



      End result:


      However, when I try to extrude:



      It turns out that that edge I picked has converted, as well as the complete loop, so there's a duplication of geometry there.

      So, delete the extra line and try the extrude again...



      Nevertheless, this fails as well, because this is what remains when I exit the feature command


      And so forth. The command isn't working like it used to.


      So, what's happening, and why has it changed?


      Thank you

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          Kelvin Lamport

          I don't have SW16 installed on this machine, and this doesn't actually answer your question, but a simpler way to accomplish the task would be to right-click one of the inner faces, select Select Tangency, and then use the Delete Face tool with the Delete and Patch option.


          The Convert Entities has changed in SW16...



          The above solutions assume you are working with a dumb model and cannot simply delete the feature(s) which created the hole.

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            Michael Lord



            The functionality may have change with SOLIDWORKS 2016 as the convert entities now has the ability to select the inner contour.

            If you select Convert Entities Feature before selecting the face it gives you the option of selecting the inner loop



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                Alan Knapper



                I'll have to check that out. Too bad they removed the option for the original method, as over the years, I've gotten into a habit of sometimes clicking the operation first, sometimes not. And after using the software for nearly 20 years, I've developed a lot of habits...


                Anyhow, I think that covers it. I just wish when they added new (or "streamilne" the old functionality), they didn't remove the old. It's happened on other operations, too, but this is the one it's stuck out to me most. It was one of the selling points of SW in the early days, that it wasn't necessary to choose the operation (on some) before you started choosing your entities for it. These last few releases, it seems they're getting away from some of that.


                Again, thanks. I didn't figure they'd have eliminated it altogether...

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                    Michael Lord


                    Just to confirm I can duplicate your results!

                    The entity selected duplicates when converted.  It appears that depending on the shape of the inner loop, that after deleting the entity it may / or may not create the additional outer entity.


                    I can only assume this is the result in the change to the functionality of the Convert Entities feature.

                    It's a hard habit to break, not selecting the entities first!

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                        Alan Knapper

                        Indeed, a hard habit to break, especially after so many years.


                        It just gets kind of frustrating when they know a lot of users are working one way (in some cases for a long time), then they "fix" it and try to streamline, but eliminate the previous method, or the previous method no longer functions as it used to (or causes unusual results like the example I cite above). I can understand if it reduced clicks, but many times, it just requires a different series of clicks.


                        Oh well. I know it's impossible to satisfy everyone.


                        Thanks guys, for the help.

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                    Alan Knapper



                    I think this is solved with Convert. At least there's a method to choose inside profiles, even if the old way no longer appears to work the way it used to.


                    However, the same process I originally described for how inside geometry could be chosen for Convert Entities also worked for Offset Entities.


                    Now, there appears to be no process whatsoever - aside from individually picking each entity - for choosing inside loops in Offset. I get both the outer perimeter of the parent (sketch plane) surface, as well as my offset.


                    Are there any tricks here?

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                      Thomas Warner

                      Solidworks has once again broken the cardinal rule of CAD. Improve a command or functionality of the program, Great. But leave the original methods intact for us old dusty users.