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    Solidworks 2013 and windows 10

    Mike Peterson

      Solidworks 2013 is unreliable on windows 10 in windows 7 compatibility mode. Sometimes, it opens fine, other times it takes 30 minutes to open. Once open, it works fine. Any ideas?

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          Paul Salvador

          well, imho, make sure you are running under windows administrator mode..


          I don't have windows 10 installed.. I'm running 8.1, and I see this behavior as welI using 2012,.. most of the time it kicks arse... and somethings not as good, but in general.. 2012 performs better than 2014/2015/2016.

          ..I would guess that older feature functionality using some legacy compilers do not play well in the newer OS under windows 7 compatibility mode?


          How I've fixed some of the hiccups (and with the versions as well) is to perform a repair... or, just do the rename/registry to reset..  it seems to work.