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    macro hanging with large assembly

    Thomas Alberts

      I have a macro that works well on small to medium sized assemblies but does not do well with large assemblies.


      The macro looks at a drawing BOM and updates a custom properties field with the QTY from the drawing.  Is there a better way to accomplish this or clean up my macro,  I am not a programming expert.  Thanks.   

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          Thomas Alberts

          The macro does work, it took about an hour to run through a table with 500 parts.  I still have an issue where the table is updated but the parts are not all updated.  In some instances it happens to 1 out of 10 configurations.


          If I delete and recreate the BOM it shows which values have not been changed.  Prior to running the macro all the quantities are set to X with another macro.  If I change "qtyrqd" to an arbitrary number on the parts that have an issue, and run the macro again it still doesn't update.


          QtyRqd is configuration specific on all parts. 

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              Elmar Klammer

              If you have duplicate components in the BOM then you write multiple times to that part as you traverse the bom

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                John Alexander

                This doesn't look like it should take half an hour to loop over 500 lines. When you run it, is the VBA editor open? I usually have significantly slower run-times with the editor running.


                I'm not very familiar with the functions that modify BOM table fields. Looking at your code, it just looks like text manipulation. I think you might have better results if you get a reference to the CustomPropertyManager of each component in the model that is driving the BOM Table and modify the custom property directly. Using that method, you will then have the added benefit of getting a return value when the assignment fails. Let me know if you have any questions about getting that object from where you are now.


                Out of curiosity, if you comment out the line assigning the quantity value to the custom property (inside the BOM-traversing loop at the bottom of your macro), does the macro finish significantly faster (on the order of seconds)? After making that change, the macro won't have actually done anything when it completes but it might reveal that the assignment to the quantity field in the BOM is what takes so long (roughly 4 seconds or 30/500 minutes, perhaps?).

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                    Thomas Alberts


                    Thanks for the feedback.  The VBA editor was closed.


                    My initial though was to use the custom property manager but I wasn't sure how to do that either from a drawing or where to store and recall the data and run the macro though an entire folder.  Any help on this would be appreciated.   Also I should mention the parts or configurations that don't update through the macro will also not update when I manually manipulate the table.   


                    I will try to comment out the set quantity line. but I suspect you are correct.  I did comment out the if statement and it took slightly longer when running on a BOM with some of the parts already updated.  When running on a smaller BOM you can watch the values update and it takes about a second per line.

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                  John Alexander

                  When I'm working in an assembly drawing and want the Components in the assembly, I'll usually use a view in the drawing and then grab the ReferencedDocument property of the view.


                  Being that you already have a BomTableAnnotation, there must be a quick way of getting the component reference:

                  2012 SOLIDWORKS API Help - GetComponents2 Method (IBomTableAnnotation)


                  From there, you can get the ModelDoc for the component and you'll have access to the CustomPropertyManager. Try putting this in your loop, replace string_pulled_from_qty_on_BOM, index, and configuration with the variable that you are copying from the BOM qty column, iterator for the loop, and the configuration to set the custom property for ("" if it is not configuration-specific).


                  Set swComponent = swBomTable.GetComponents2

                  Set swModel = swComponent.getModelDoc2(i,configuraiton)

                  lRet = swModel.Extension.CustomPropertyManager.set("QtyRqd",string_pulled_from_qty_on_BOM) '(fieldName,fieldValue)

                  if lRet = 0 then

                       'property "QtyRqd" was set

                  elseif lRet = 1

                       'property "QtyRqd" was not set


                       'property "QtyRqd" doesn't exist

                  end if

                  *Edit: forgot to include GetComponents in the code snippet.