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    Form New Subassembly functionality change in 2016?

    Dale Slotman

      Hello all,

      We just upgraded to 2016 SP2.0, and I noticed a change in functionality.  In 2015 and previous, clicking on a component and selecting "Form New Subassembly" created a subassembly with that component in it and the origin of the subassembly was the component's origin.  It seems now that when this is done, the origin of the subassembly is the main assembly's origin.  This is not the desired behavior for our workflow.  I am curious if there's an option checkbox or something that I am missing that would bring the behavior back to the way I had it in 2015.



      P.S. Please don't hijack my thread to complain about the user interface or anything else you hate about 2016.  My inbox is full enough.