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How to Download Visualize: for SW Pro/Premium users on active Subscription

Question asked by Brian Hillner Employee on Mar 4, 2016
Latest reply on May 6, 2016 by Chris Saller

Download Your COMPLIMENTARY seat of Visualize Standard!


Exact steps to download purchased SOLIDWORKS Visualize products:


Congrats! If you have SOLIDWORKS CAD Professional or Premium and are on active Subscription, then you get SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard complimentary! And this included seat of Visualize Standard can be given to anyone in your company...even a different department! For example, if your company has 10 seats of SOLIDWORKS Pro and are on active Subs, then you receive 10 complimentary seats of Visualize Standard as an added value! Visualize is a separate stand-alone product and does not occupy the SW CAD license.


1)   SOLIDWORKS CAD Professional & Premium users on active Subscription will receive the email below, letting them know of their complimentary licenses of Visualize Standard, to access Customer Portal to start download, how to download & activate Visualize, and helpful links.


2)   Clicking the big blue “DOWNLOAD VISUALIZE NOW” button takes you to the Customer Portal:


3)   Log in using your existing credentials or if you don’t have one, click “Create a SOLIDWORKS ID” and follow the next steps. If you already have a SOLIDWORKS ID, sign-in and proceed to Step #12.


4)   If creating a new SolidWorks ID, enter your email address and add your SOLIDWORKS CAD serial number. Click Next (NOTE: If you can’t find your SOLIDWORKS CAD serial number, it can easily be found by launching SOLIDWORKS and go to Help > About > Show Serial Number.)



5)   Enter your company information and fill in all fields, click Next.


6)   The system will search the company name for possible matches. If it finds one similar, you may be prompted with the screen below. If your company exists, select the correct row and click Pick this Account.  If none of the accounts apply, click Create New Account.


7)   Now you can enter your contact information and click Next.


8)   A confirmation email will be sent to you.  You can close your browser window.


9)   Open the email that was sent to you and click hyperlink “Click Here” to activate your customer portal account.


10)   Click Continue, once you see the screen that your account has been created.


11)   Close your existing window and navigate back to the login screen.


12)   Once logged in, you will see the Customer Portal home screen. Depending on whether or not you registered your SOLIDWORKS Serial number, you will see two different options (lock icons or no lock icons):



13)   If you have locks on your screen, click Register My Products in the My Support section and follow the next steps. If you do not have locks on your screen, proceed to Step #17.


14)   Enter your SOLIDWORKS product serial number and click, Next.


15)   Select the Version from the pop up box and click, Next.


16)   Click Next to acknowledge your serial number has been registered and you will return to the home screen and the locks will be gone. (*The locks will be removed assuming that your serial number has a valid active subscription service.)


17)   You will see 3 different areas to download the Visualize product. Click on any of the three SOLDWORKS Visualize links seen on the customer portal (Quick Links on left, scrolling banner at bottom, or under the Downloads bullet points).


18)   You will be redirected to the Visualize Webform. Fill in all the fields and click Download NOW.


19)   A thank you page will be displayed and your browser will begin the download of the Visualize software. Please check your downloads folder to retrieve this file.


20)   Once download completes, run the installer (SWVizInstaller.msi).


21)   Once the installer finishes, launch SOLIDWORKS Visualize.


22)   Click "Licensing" to go to the next step:


23)   Enter your SOLIDWORKS CAD serial number and click “Activate."  NOTE: you must have internet connection during this activation process. Internet is not needed again after the activation process completes.


24)   Enjoy Visualize!