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    solving result

    Lin Reynold


        im running a static research on a human jaw model. the case is, after i set up all the bcs and loads, it start to solved, but it always stop at about 36% for a long time, then it just  end up suddenly, and show up a result. i wonder whether this is a normal case, and also i doubt the accuracy of the result, because it looks like an uncompleted work and somehow just end it, has anyone occur the same case?


      (the following figure is the exact case of my description)

      simul prob.jpg

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          Prasad Bhonsule

          Hi, this seems to be common with Simulation studies, I have often had studies "stuck" for a long time at 36 or 27%, then it will suddenly complete.


          I believe the longest time in any Simulation study is given to solving the contact conditions and constraints, so it may be that your study is stuck for a long time solving hose, then it completes the rest (forces, fixtures) quickly.