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    how to get the weld from model to drawing

    Vijay Kumar


      can we get the weld profile in drawing while by using the texture in the model.




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          Vineet Upender Reddy

          Hello Vijay,


          I understand that you want to extract Weld Cross - Section to place it in the Drawing as a View.

          And as a second condition also wanted to apply material to the weld.


          I dont think there are any direct options available to do this. Usually the weld profiles are defined by the Weld Type & Weld Symbol that is used in the drawing.

          Each weld type has a specific shape and is defined with parameters like Throat, Weld Length, etc.

          Type of Weld > Fillet, Groove, Bevel, etc.


          The standard weld symbols displays the industrial practice of communicating weld specification through Fabrication Drawing.

          Maximum a Cosmetic weld can be enabled and the same can be highlighted in Solid works Drawing.

          In the Part file / Assembly file, Right click on Weld Folder and select "Show Cosmetic Threads".


          When using the part in drawing, set view to drawing to high quality, Shaded with edges.

          Thank you,

          Vineet Reddy

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            Swapnil Dhake

            Hi Vijay,

            If you are looking to import weld bead, then insert model items and check the caterpillar option in annotation (Refer image below).