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    Tube path Spline length $PRP to BOM $PRP:QTY

    Julian Dowden

      Looking for way / syntax to push virtual plastic tube part spline paths lengths to properties ($PRP) for use in individual and cumulativ lengths as one part or assembly in a top level BOM.

      My typ MO for tubes is to create a single 3D sketch in ASM for all flex tube / hose paths. From there generate ref plane at end of each path when needed. Assembly/New part (virtual) and sellect that new plane as bassis for new prt sktch. Create ID & OD. Create 3D sketch / create / convert spline path from master tube path sketch from the given tube being created.  Select feature path extrude and go from there.  This works well as one can edit all tube paths at once by editing the main composit sketch for all tubes and still see all tubes in place.  When done all tubes update at once.  Note: Do not use Fit Spline with metal bent tubes.  Fit spline based tubes cannot be dimensioned like line / arc based extrusions can.  I digress  sorry yall.