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    No Success Importing STEP Files

    Don Cheke

      I have been trying to import a 3D model into Visualize Standard created in TurboCAD and saved in a number of formats. Most will open but I can't for the life of me get the model to show its constituent parts in the model tree.


      It has 17 parts in 10 layers. It always wants to open via material groups. Can anyone try and open the attached step file in Visualize so that either layers can be selected for material application or each part. I attached one that has four original materials (but I don't want to be limited to that) and one with no materials. IF you have success I would like to know the import setting that you used.



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          Don Cheke

          Interesting. So I took the exported STEP file from TurboCAD and opened it with MoI. I exported from Moi in STEP format and it opens in Visualize with all constituent parts listed. Here I have added one material to show that it works. At least this is a workaround I can use even though I would prefer to only have to export once.



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              Paul Salvador

              just a note:  both steps imported into Visualize Pro (I'm running the demo).... BUT they where not importing properly into SolidWorks,.. that is, if you looked at the data...both step files had problems with the about half the of bodies,.. the terminals/shaft/nuts/washers all rendered black in PV360 and had face problems.... I had to re-run diagnostics on about half of the bodies before they rendered correctly in PV360.