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    Solidworks to Parasolids

    Ryan Smith

      Hello.  I am new to this forum and fairly new to Solidworks.  We are looking at getting a new mill here at work.  It is a Prototrak mill and it can be programmed from a Parasolid to do 3D milling.  My question is, does anybody have any experience exporting Solidworks models as a Parasolids and whether there are any translation issues?  Thanks.

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          Paul Salvador

          Parasolid is the native kernel for SolidWorks.. there is NO translation.


          btw, the only export translation would be for the version:

          Save as, Parasolid (x_t or x_b), Options, Output as Version XX.X

          Parasolid  (x_t or x_b)  version per SolidWorks release:

          24  =  2012

          25  =  2013

          26  =  2014

          27  =  2015

          28  =  2016


          Per info online.. it seems each Prototrak version has parasolid software support from Southwestern Industries?

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            Bjorn Hulman



            Depends on the file type your machine reads and the complexity of the models you're exporting. SolidWorks will export in many different file types, and allow you to adjust the settings. I would be very surprised that with a little trial and error you didn't find a robust method for getting SolidWorks to export the right data for your machine.