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    Move all selected objects in drawing

    Tom Hallwright

      I am creating a solidworks drawing for sheetmetal components to be lasercut and am looking for a way to shift all the objects i want to move to a different position on the same sheet

      this includes annotations, lines, flat pattern views and their summary boxes


      move entities shifts all annotations and lines but not the flat pattern views so doesn't really work

      see attached image


      Any other suggestions??


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          Maurice Tutor

          This is a round about way, but it may work for you.

          Recall that selecting all drawing views and holding the Shift key while dragging moves all drawings views at the same time.


          So, if you need to first move all entities (notes and lines) to a Drawing view -- one that's already there or create and "empty view" to use as a container--you can use the method above to "move all selected objects in the drawing at once.


          Unfortunately notes and sketch entities need to be handled in separately.

          (1) For notes:

          - select CTRL + A to select all notes in the drawing

          - right click > Attachment > Attach to View > "choose the view you want to attach your notes to"


          (2) For Line/Sketch entities/Blocks:

          - Select all sketch entities (use the selection filter and limit to only sketch entities if you have lots of entities)

          - once all sketch entities are selected > CTRL + X to cut > double click on a drawing view to set the focus > then CTRL + V to paste


          Once all the annotations and lines are attached to a view, shift select all drawings views in the sheet from the Feature Manager Design Tree.

          Keep the shift key depressed then hover over any view to see the move symbol, then drag all views (while still holding shift key) to new location.


          Hope that helps. Maybe there is a better way, but this is what I have.